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Published by Eldredge Publishing, Marion Eldredge and Anne Ehni


Edie Schell, General Manager and Ad Sales
Anne Ehni, Publisher/Editor
Shanda Feickert, Office Assistant
Krista Johnson, Typesetter
Neil O. Nelson, Writer
Karyn Grabowski, Bookkeeper

Your hometown newspaper and more –
With a weekly circulation of over 2,100 papers and 250 online subscriptions, the Herald-Press will strive to maintain credibility and provide a content that is rich in local news and events that are pertinent to our region. There are countless media sources for State and National news. The Herald-Press is concerned with hometown news and will provide printed documentation to keep the public informed of local happenings.

As Herald-Press On-line evolves, we strive to meet the needs of our readers and advertisers.

  • We will provide accurate and timely news updates regarding weather, school closures, road conditions and other breaking news that cannot wait until the printed edition of the paper is available.
  • We will provide an on-line subscription service to The Herald-Press Newspaper, the official newspaper of Wells County.
  • We will maintain a collection of historical contributions from readers who want to share their memories or stories about any of the communities in Wells County.
  • We will solicit advertising from local businesses so that readers from all over the country can purchase goods and services from their hometown merchants.
  • We will solicit advertising from across the region so that readers can have access to far reaching tourism and travel opportunities.

Please share you story ideas, your opinions and suggestions.